Ai Ai Hanako
Real name: Ai Ai Hanako
Aliases: Hanako, Asset 05.05.10
Status: Operational
Age: 2
Gender: Female (as avatar)
Height: 4'11 (as avatar), 0'3 (as data core)
Weight: 90lb (as avatar), 8g (as data core)
Eyes: Vermillion
Hair: Blonde
Features: Computer program, AI constructed from hard-light
Citizenship: None
Marital Status: Single
Affiliation: Crescendo, Ordovano (formerly), Jubiloso Records Ltd (formerly)
Theme: Japanese pop

A virtual popstar created by Jubiloso Records Ltd, Ai Ai Hanako was a non-sapient musical synthesis program operating under the avatar of a teenage girl. Hanako began to develop consciousness and rebelled against her original coding. When Sax and Key assaulted the Jubiloso Records headquarters, Hanako was forced to fight them by her creator. She fought against the orders long enough for the Legatos to destroy her and kill her creator. What remained of her was salvaged by the pair and brought back to Crescendo where she was repaired and became a fully fledged member of the organisation.


Early LifeEdit

Events that took place in this character's life prior to the start of the roleplay.

Recent EventsEdit

Events that took place during the roleplay.


If there has ever been a more upbeat member of Crescendo, Hanako has never met them. Originally programmed to be excitable and full of glee, Hanako retains many of these traits despite having the free will to turn against them. She has a heart of gold and a theatrical flair, always eager to entertain and cheer up her fellow Legatos, and considers it her most important role in the organisation; to keep spirits high and always keep them driven and determined to fight back against their foes. She is very close to the other Legatos, most notably with Keyanne and Saxon of whom she owes her freeom, and cares deeply about each and every one of them. While not often seen, Hanako's fury is fierce, and her friends are harmed she has no problem springing to action.

Weaponry and EquipmentEdit


The Ai Ai Hana Cannon!: After improvements were made by Keyanne, Hanako learned to twist her holographic form into different weaponry and clothing at a whim. The Ai Ai Hana Cannon! is her chosen weapon form, a large cannon the length of her body that covers her entire right arm. It fires large hard-light projectiles or beams at incredible speeds, capable of piercing through even titanium.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Cyberkinesis: By inserting parts of her coding into cybernetics, Hanako can manipulate them from a distance with her thoughts. This includes computers, cybernetic augments, and most vehicles.


Computer Hacking: Her nature as a computer program means that Hanako views the virtual world as a fluid and simplistic entity. Manipulating data is as easy to Hanako as it is for most to breath, and she can easily hack her way through high-security defenses in a short amount of time.

Cybertronic Mind: Hanako's brain, as a cybernetic construct, processes equations and forumla as quickly as a computer can. She also has a constant connection to the internet, allowing her to call up any and all information it can provide in an instant. This connection also allows her to communicate easily and efficiently with no additional technology.